I hope you cry for me one day,

The way I cried for you.



She will cry,

She will cry over you like there is no tomorrow,

She will cry until her throat is raw,

And until her hair is a mess.

Her screams will echo through the walls,

And there will be nothing beautiful about it.


She will tear out the pages of her notebook that she dedicated to you,

And swear that your name will never again appear on the crisp pages that are so important to her,

But two days later the words won’t come,

And she’ll find herself sprawling your name over and over until the ink blurs and merges with her tears.


She will curse you,

And curse herself,

And curse the skies for everything,

And for nothing.


There will be days when the sun shines,

But all she can see is rain and clouds,

And days when she won’t see anything at all.


And fuck,

She will love you even though her heart is breaking,

Because she gave you a part of herself,

That you refuse to return.


But know this,

She will also learn to forget you.


So when she walks by you in two months time,

Laughing and smiling without a care in the world,

You will wonder how she slipped through your fingers,

And she won’t care.



It’s not your fault

Please don’t blame the damage I have

Done to myself on you

Because this is the darkness

She tells me what to do

So when you call me late at night

Because nobody has heard from me in five days

It’s because she told me to stay in

She told me the dangers of the outside world

She told me the truth

She told me how you think of me

I’m sorry I was always such a hassle in your life

I’m sorry I wasn’t easier to deal with

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I’m sorry