When You Ask Me How I Am

I’m just a little lost right now,

It’s only my second year of university

and I’ve already failed two classes,

He doesn’t want me back,

I can’t remember my fathers laugh,

Getting out of bed has been really hard,

I’m happiest after a bottle of wine,

I don’t believe him when he calls me beautiful,

I haven’t danced in awhile.


Bad Habits

I was fifteen the first time I took a drag from a cigarette.

I felt dizzy and my stomach unsettled.

I get the same feeling every time your lips meet mine.

Only this time the cravings are worse.

Political Science 100

  1. I’ve been sitting in this class for two hours now.
  2. I’ve only written three words related to my subject.
  3. I’ve been living too much inside my head lately.
  4. I think I’m going insane.
  5. I keep fantasizing about my own death.
  6. I fucking hate myself.
  7. I don’t think I can do this anymore
  8. I’m not happy
  9. I cant sleep
  10. I can’t eat
  11. I can’t feel anything unless I’m drinking it, smoking it, or fucking it.
  12. I don’t believe in love, but I could try if you wanted to.

What It’s Not

Love isn’t always someone gently kissing you at the end of the night.

Love isn’t always understanding why he hurt you so terribly.

Love isn’t always him begging on his knees for forgiveness.

But love is not crying yourself to sleep over a boy who only calls you at two in the morning after he has drowned his pain in a bottle.