Skin to Skin

He gently stokes the skin along my neck.

He does it in a way that was never meant to be erotic

but rather like a father trying to sooth his child to sleep.

He kisses the top of my head to remind me once again that he is here.

That I am here.

It’s easy to forget every now and then.

I press my head deeper upon his chest.

Here things seem slow and calm and real.

He moves his face toward mine and grazes his lips upon my forehead.

Then my cheek,

and pauses at my lips.

He glides his finger over my mouth and I pout so we’re closer.

Sometimes skin to skin still doesn’t feel like enough.

His lips meet mine and they dance slowly,


In a way I didn’t think it was possible for me to move.

He tastes of the wine we had just finished

but I guess I was still craving it.



When You Ask Me How I Am

I’m just a little lost right now,

It’s only my second year of university

and I’ve already failed two classes,

He doesn’t want me back,

I can’t remember my fathers laugh,

Getting out of bed has been really hard,

I’m happiest after a bottle of wine,

I don’t believe him when he calls me beautiful,

I haven’t danced in awhile.