The Night The Sea Swallowed Me

I hurt so deeply 
And you were afraid of drowning 

I can’t blame you for this

I’ve been floating in it since I was 12

The hurt feels like home now

But fuck

You can’t run every time the water hits the shore 

All I needed was a lifeguard 

And you disappeared 



I didn’t love him. 

But he loved the parts of me I couldn’t stand. 

So we played house 

Until I burt it to the ground. 

I Hope She Makes You Miserable 

Lipstick stained cigarettes and old bookshops will remind you of me even if you can’t remember what you’re remembering. 


I love you in a

Strange way.

Because I know I don’t want

A future with you.

But I want to share

This with you.

When I am alone in bed at

Night I crave your touch.

When I get coffee in the morning

I want your conversation.

When I work

I wish you would visit.

I crave moments with you.

Not a life.


Give me a night alone in my room.

Give me attention but also solitude.

Keep me warm, build me a fire,

Kiss me softly as a grow tired.

Love me gently, but hit me rough.

My body is soft but my mind is tough.

Tell me stories to ease my head,

Please don’t leave me alone in bed.

I want so badly to be free.

Take this life away from me.

Give me pills that make me sleep,

Never again would you hear me weep.